Serving Residential Solar
Lease & PPA Clients

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SunServe is a residential solar services provider. We invest in residential solar portfolios and provide ongoing service and support for Power Purchase Agreements and Leases.

This includes operations, maintenance, and general support.
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System Servicing
and Support

SunServe has contracted with Omnidian for all system servicing and repairs. Omnidian has been protecting the residential solar portfolios of their Fortune 1000 clients, representing over 75,000 homeowners nationwide.

SunServe’s Commitment To You:  24/7 Monitoring

Omnidian provides end-to-end service and support for SunServe clients.  Omnidian will monitor your residential solar system 24/7 and will let you know if your solar system requires attention. Omnidian’s proprietary technology enables diagnosis of most system issues remotely.  That means Omnidian will know of any issues with the performance of your solar system, often before you do! Now you can experience Solar Without Fear™ compliments of SunServe!

800# Support

If you believe solar system is in need of servicing or repair, please contact Omnidian to speak with a system support specialist at (888) 309-9779.  Telephone support is available to every SunServe client with real-time system diagnosis—as well as service and support status.

Online Service Support

If you believe your system needs service, you can also submit a service request here, and one of Omnidian’s system support specialists will get back to you!

100% Covered Maintenance

Now you have the protection of one of the industry’s leading residential solar protection plans.  If your system needs service, Omnidian covers visits by local, qualified service technicians to resolve performance issues for all hardware and software components.

Homeowner Responsibility

Homeowners are responsible for removal of the system for roof repair. Homeowners are also responsible for clearing foliage which is blocking the system’s energy generation, and for panel cleaning.  However, Omnidian will let you know if your system is under-producing from soiled panels or foliage – and can help you find a qualified local service technician to assist you!

Monitoring Portal

Through our partnership with Omnidian, we offer a Homeowner Monitoring Portal that provides daily energy output tracking for your solar system. There is no cost for this service. If you are already registered just follow the link below to login. If you need to register for the portal, please contact Omnidian support at (888) 309-9779.

Login to the Homeowner Monitoring Portal here.

Billing &

For questions regarding billing and payment, please call a customer support specialist in our billing department.

Call: (888) 309-9779
Login to Billing Portal here.